Why is Quality that important?

A reputable chip tuner will always develop the software especially for your vehicle, which is reflected by a significant increase in performance, a comfortable ride and a lower fuel consumption. All safety functions of the vehicle persist and no thresholds are met or even exceeded.

Dubious chip tuning companies buy cheap software tuning files from the internet, and this pre-developed software, which is basically some kind of generic file for a whole group of engine models, will be programmed into your car. To prevent, that these not fully compatible files throw any error codes or bring up any kind of warning lights or messages, all security functions of the car/engine are simply disabled. Needless to say, that the car will turn into a time bomb.

Beside this dangerous behaviour, there are a number of drawbacks which you might not thing from the beginning.

'Side effects' of bad chiptuning software:

  • Most of the time it is impossible to set the car back to original version. The original Software is not stored, and it is nearly impossible to put an generic ECU back to stock and enable the safety functions again. Buying a new ECU is most likely the only solution.
  • It might be dangerous to the engine or turbo. Preconfigured files are often used for same engines/ECUs with different turbos and original stock power. You might imagine what will happen if you put in the tuned software of an 170hp stock car to an 100hp stock car.
  • To prevent troubles, all the security features are disabled, if you fe. drive to high mountains, the turbo will spoil.
  • No warranties at all.

Advantages going with UPsolute (or most other reputable chiptuning companies):

  • The software is tuned to each vehicle
  • All safety functions are still working
  • Power reserves will be used , but never exceeded
  • Set the car back to original mode (eg, vehicle sale) is at any time possible and free of charge
  • The original software is stored on a high-availability system
  • Money back guarantee

We don't want to tell you that we are the only reliable and serious chiptuning supplier out there, but please be warned, that especially during the last few years really a lot of black sheeps jumped the train, and try to sell cheap software. Just make sure to be aware of the possible consequences. 


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