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UPsolute - The Chiptuning Company

More than 40 UPsolute distributors worldwide and over 90.000 tuned cars made UPsolute to one of the world leading Chiptuning Companies. Choosing UPsolute as your partner will give you the confidence and quality you deserve, from a company with more than 10 years of experience in chiptuning for street and racing cars...


UPsolute HQ in Teesdorf

The Headquater of UPsolute Chiptuning is located in Austria, near to the capital Vienna. The company was founded 1999 in Oberwaltersdorf, and moved in 2004 to Teesdorf where the new and trendy HQ was build especially for the needs for the Chiptuning Scene.


Pictures from the UPsolute HQ in Teesdorf

The People behind UPsolute:


Ing. Alexander Scheck


Company-Founder, Head Software Development, Engine technology and international Business

Daniela Sailer

Assistance to the executive management

Office Management and Customer Care

Ossi Türk

Engine Technology

Engine Tuning, Customer Care, Quality Management, international Technical Support

Wolfgang Charwat

Engine Technician

Engine Tuning, Customer support

Stefan Charwat


Software Development (tuning files), int. Software support, Customer support

Alex Graf


Software Development (tuning files), int. Software support, Customer support

Dipl. Ing. Dieter Mandl


Software Development (back-end), int. Software support, Customer support



The last 15 Years:


The very first Beginning.

1998 The 24 years old company founder Ing. Alexander Scheck was still working with Magna, a large automotive supply company. The Engineer in Electronics and Mechanics was able to improve his knowledge in the automotive industries. Engine Control Units have been some kind of futuristic and technical revolutionary this time, that was one of the reasons why Scheck already had some very intense interest in the amazing possibilities hidden in this so called ECUs.

1999 After some analyses of the current chiptuning-market, the dream came true, and Ing. Scheck made the big step to open a professional company. The first months have been fulfilled by exploring all the secrets of this new technologies. He travelled to Italy and Germany to find out more about the possibilities and finally opened the company 'Chiptronics powered by UPsolute' end of the Year.


The beginning

1999 End of the Year, Ing. Scheck Alexander founded the Company 'Chiptronics' and the Product Name 'UPsolute' and a large Building was rented. Not 100% sure if everything will work out fine, he decided to follow a simple principle. A better Product, for a better price. Customer care and satisfaction has been the major goal of UPsolute since the very first beginning. The high level of commitment and the really fair price defined the Chiptuning completely new and in a very short time period UPsolute was offering chiptuning in more than 5 countries.


During the following years UPsolute has strengthened the international reputation and made some major steps into the motor-sports scene. Also back in 2004 a new very large new HQ building was build, but why talk to much, it's better to show some pictures :-) 


The last 15 Years in Pictures








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Let the sunshine in 30. May 2017
Let the sunshine in Recently tuned: BMW 125i stock 218hp to upsoluted 277hp.

50.000 Facebook Fans!!! 07. Jun 2016
50.000 Facebook Fans!!! Wow, we have passed the 50.000 mark on facebook! Thank's to every single fan!

Chiptuning Porsche 911 Turbo 26. Apr 2016
Chiptuning Porsche 911 Turbo Porsche 991 Turbo with an UPsolute Stage 2 Chiptuning and a new power level of 605HP and 750NM (stock 520HP and 660NM) Who ever has…

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